George Hunter Photo Gallery

George Hunter, a world famous photographer became a patient of Dr. Terry Papneja in 1991. It was shortly after that Dr. Papneja discussed the idea of turning our office into George Hunter's art gallery. George felt the best way to display some of his artwork was by placing a piece of art from 10 provinces and 2 territories in each room; allowing the beauty of our country to be displayed within our office. Our friend, George Hunter, was an iconic Canadian scenic photographer. His career spanned nearly eight decades.

Come in and see George Hunter's breathtaking scenic mural prints ranging from 32x40 inches to 4x6 feet.

About George Hunter

Widely published and likely Canada's most travelled photographer, George Hunter created dramatic images across Canada and in well over one hundred countries.

Appointed to the Royal Academy of Arts in 1977, George has been widely published across Canada, the USA, Europe and Japan, including four major photo spreads for TIME magazine for which he was acclaimed in three Publisher's Letters.

Five major banks have mounted exhibitions of George's photography in their lobbies in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. The National Film Board of Canada featured his images from fifty countries in one of their largest exhibitions, entitled "People of Many Lands". After a successful summer run in 1972, several additional sets were produced and distributed to venues around the world.

George Hunter passed away on Wednesday April 10, 2013. He was 92.

The most famous Canadian photographer you’ve never heard of

You’d hardly know it, but George Hunter’s work is everywhere
by Jody White

Wandering through George Hunter’s Mississauga, Ont., studio, one gets the distinct impression of flipping through Canada’s scrapbook. Portraits of smiling Inuit huddling in igloos, steely-eyed miners, and fleet-footed draveurs prying open log jams adorn every inch of available wall space. Anyone who grew up in Canada in the 70s and 80s has probably seen at least one George Hunter photograph. His images have appeared on currency, stamps and in textbooks and galleries across the country.

Photographers get a raw deal in Canada, where they’re just barely more famous than poets. Apart from the late Karsh brothers or Ed Burtynsky (of Manufactured Landscapes fame), the average Canadian would have a hard time naming a top photographer. Despite his extensive body of work, Hunter is as inconspicuous as they come.

You’ve seen his images on the $5, $10, and $50 bills as well as two stamps. His photos have appeared countless times in textbooks, brochures, and corporate marketing material. A photo of his featuring Toronto’s Pearson Airport Terminal was even included in a time capsule aboard the Voyager II mission in the event it is intercepted by intelligent beings. He was one of the first photographers inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and has been presented with a lifetime achievement award by the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators. His images can be found in the permanent collections of public galleries across the country, including the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa. And yet, outside photographer circles, he is virtually unknown.

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